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I was in SC helping my son who was in the navy with my youngest grandchild at the time. I didn't t have a TV at that time so the radio was my friend. It was around 2013 when I heard an announcement stating there was a way we could pray for our families(children).


It said Morning Glory prayer. I called the number it gave.  I got all the information I needed that day. It was an answer to prayer.  I was attending a church in SC but I was believing God for like-minded saints that believe God would answer our prayers when we pray.  The Founder, Minister Kim Leslie-. Underwood has been so instrumental in allowing me to receive confirmation from the Lord on many issues that have come up in my life weekly. This could only happen because of Minister Kim's committed relationship she has with the Lord.

I want to thank God and Mr. Underwood for allowing us to be graced with the love Minister Kim gives over the Prayer Line weekly.  I thank God for His beautiful committed vessel. Psalm115:13.

Much Love, Phyliss

Winston Salem, NC

Melinda said ...

Bronx NY 

I had the pleasure of meeting Minister Kim over 10 years ago; as we have worked together in the social work field for over a decade. The person I was back then is not who I am today and I can attribute this 2 having Minister Kim in my life as well as in my families. While we started off as coworkers/acquaintances our friendship/sisterhood was only able to evolve and flourish when I rid myself of toxic relationships and allowed a true, genuine, bond to blossom. Minister Kim has made me a better version of myself. I am now able to be a better social worker, a better mother, a better daughter, and a better wife because I aspire to be 1/2 of the woman Minister Kim is. I have had the pleasure of having a front-row seat in Minister Kim's spiritual and professional journey. I am in awe of how much she gives of herself, to others 7 days a week 24 hours a day. I am guilty of having needed her guidance, her support and her advice on countless occasions for myself as well as for my family. 


I am truly Blessed to have her in my life.

Tish from the Bronx ............ 

I am appreciative that I have a Family that I can pray and cry with. I am able to be totally transparent void of the fear of judgment.  Uncommon to me, bonding with women; I enjoy the company and wisdom granted me to assist in my overall growth as we overcome life's obstacles together with GOD Backing Us up In the NAME of JESUS,   Amen.


Liz Black said...

These ladies hold me down. They got my back even when my marbles are all over the place they make me look like I got it all together lol.  God has blessed me with the best.


Thank you,

Pamela Smith and Kim Leslie-Underwood

I got nuttin but Luv

TeamLizBlack in the house. I know these ladies are anointed for me and my ministry. #grateful     

Pamela Smith / Kim Leslie-Underwood

Sharon Johnson said...

Bronx, NY 

I’m Truly Blessed To have Min Kim Leslie-Underwood,  This Awesome Woman Of God In My Life and As My Friend, Who has a Heart Of Gold For Me and Other People and A Kind Word and a Smile To All, Thankful

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