• Kim Leslie-Underwood

Week of May 31: Tarnishing God's Name

Ephesian 1:4 For he chose usin him before the creation of the worldto be holy and blamelessin his sight. In love

Tarnishing God’s Name

Be careful not to do anything that would tarnish God’s glory among unbelievers! When God threatened to destroy the grumbling Israelite's in the wilderness, Moses intervened in prayer, arguing that if the Lord did that, the pagan nations would conclude that He wasn’t able to bring them into the land. His prayer prevailed and the Lord pardoned the sinning people for the sake of His name. 

You and I should never do anything that would give unbelievers a basis for taunting, “Where, now, is their God?” It is especially tragic when we fall into sin and are exposed in the press, The world mocks us and our God. It is tragic when Christian businessmen are not ethical. Again, the world mocks our God. If we claim the name of Christ, we must not do anything that would tarnish His glory among unbelievers

At times like these when we still have the virus, states are authorized to reopen, violence occurring in our streets because of injustice. We have to stand and declare the righteousness of God. Succumbing to our emotions is not the solution. The answer in dealing with anything is seeking the face of God! Consider your actions and motives today; Am I doing things to satisfy my needs or God’s? Will the decisions I make today impact my future with God? H0w will I come out from this after being exposed? 

Let Us Prayer:

Lord, we need your help as we continue to battle this war in our nations families are being impacted, communities are being destroyed and you are not being glorified. Help us to bring our problems to you. Help us to wait patiently for your guidance. Where you lead me Lord I will go. You are a God of righteousness and help us to mirror in your image Jesus name Amen!

Minister Kim

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