• Kim Leslie-Underwood

Week of May 3 - Recognizing Frustration…...

Scripture: Psalm 31:24

Be strong and take heart,all you who hope in the Lord.”

May is here! And even though the current situation makes this a different kind of May, with a new routine and different things on our minds as in the years before. Strategically you may have completed a twelve-month plan to keep you rooted and focus this year! You kicked off January pretty well. You saw your plans working by checking off completed tasks!  January ended with you entering February hopeful, optimistic,determined and focused. Initially everything is working out as planned until the unexpected occurs. Someone gets sick, someone forgets who is supposed to pick up the kids after their practice. Your supervisor emails you to complete a project within the next 24-hrs!! How’s this all happening,you set out focused determined and hopeful? It’s called LIFE!

Life now has provided you with some unexpected events which may have caused you to feel doubtful, worried and frustrated. 

In the Old Testament the Israelites became frustrated by the delay of what was to come once they left Egypt. They expected to get to the promised land sooner rather than later. They expected God to understand their expectation, anxiety and frustration and move the process along quicker. God didn’t! He was in Control!

Waiting can lead to disappointment and frustration. In those moments, we can become so focused on our circumstances that we forget God is still in control. Waiting reveals to us what we worship. When the Israelites plans were delayed, they pursued instant gratification because that’s what they actually valued.

Your calendar has taken on a new norm. Therefore I would ask you what are you actually valuing during these times?

Let’s Pray:

All knowing and wise God, I pray right now that you will take the wheel and counsel me on what my values are during this season. Lord, if it’s not you? I repent in the name of Jesus! Help me to refocus to seek and trust you the more in the name of Jesus, Amen

Minister Kim

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