• Kim Leslie-Underwood

Week of June 28: We Salute the Graduating Class

Scripture:” Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men!-Psalm 107:8

We Salute The Graduating Class of 2020

You are He who loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the goodness of You. The very earth shouts of your goodness today. We see how You have created everything in its time and in its season. You have created the earth to thrive one part on the other in a great circle of life. You have created not just the earth but the Heavens and the Heavens speak of your goodness. The Angels cry holy, holy, holy because of the goodness of You.

We are approaching the end of another month. I’ve watched parents, families,and  communities come together to celebrate those who graduated from school. To see the creativity, the hand of God, the love of Him in them coming together for a worthy cause is surreal! 

Here in this verse the  Psalmist rehearses the many ways that God in His grace rescued His people from Egyptian bondage; supplied their need in their wilderness wanderings; opened the prison doors of the captives; healed those that were seriously ill; delivered His people from terrible storms and governed His people Israel with goodness and grace this is a beautiful song of rejoicing that all the redeemed of the Lord are able to sing. 

We, our families and communities have been hit with unprecedented events from COVID-19 to homeschooling our children, grandchildren, working from home, loss of loved ones and the injustice of police brutality in our nation. This month God proved Himself , He is  LORD! He heard and responded to all our cries for help. He satisfied our hunger, refreshed our soul, and encouraged our hearts! 

Let Us Pray:

Lord, thank you for being GOD. You made a way for us to celebrate our babies . To show support and encourage them to move to their next phase in life. Lord, we ask in Jesus name that we continue to unity as one to uphold the beauty of your Love in our hearts and daily interaction with one another in Jesus name Amen.

Minister Kim

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