• TC Brown

SHOW UP.....Some are waiting at the Finish Line…

When I signed up for grad-school I did not consider others would be waiting at the end to grab the baton!

Some days, I didn't feel like studying or submitting my papers on time. I just wasn't in the mood to be bothered. I would be planning to study once I settled in town the night. I would think of a hundred reasons why I shouldn't. A dear friend would call just around the time I probably took her I would plan to study. She would always give me the reason why I should pick up my books and study! Those times like so many others helped me see the bigger picture!

You may be in a similar situation. Your mood is causing you to feel some kind way that will impact you getting to the finish line. You have to continue because there is someone waiting for you to pass them the baton!!

My someone is a case worker who overheard me talking about my classes. She inquired and I encouraged. She now holds my baton!!!

See you at the finish line!

Kim Leslie-Underwood, MHC-LP, CASAC-2

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