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First Fruit Fast   

First Fruit Fast

October 1st- October 7th

As we prepare to enter a new month, let us go in with a spiritual focus with discipline. Starting  this way sets the stage for all that we will expect from God and believe in Him for the month

We will fast from 6am-6pmEST with the option of you selecting what kind of fast you will commit yourself too; absolute, partial Daniel fast.   

I encourage you to stay true to your commitment; you’re the only one who will benefit and on the other hand, lose, if you cheat!

Be prepared to share a brief testimony during one of our prayer calls. 

Please check our prayer ministry page for days and time.


Fasting is the process of denying self and sacrificing food to gain spiritual power, discipline and self-control. By fasting you gain control over your physical appetite, which provides you with experience for controlling your spiritual appetite and spiritual diet. During the fast the following should be observed:

(1) read selected scriptures and make daily affirmations

(2) pray three times daily with your prayer partner, and/or prayer group

(3) listen to and watch only spiritually uplifting music and programs (turn off the noise so that you can hear God).

Let Us Pray: 

Father, I Pray as we come together as one you will  spiritually  cleanse and spiritual renewal us. We believe with  spiritual renewal comes the awareness of how we’re operating outside of the perfect will of God and helps to bring us back in line with our Heavenly Father. 

LORD, we pray and believe that the spiritual bondage bestowed upon your people be broken in the name of Jesus! Every chain broken over their mind, body, and spirit! That your people will walk in the freedom set by you in Jesus name Amen! 

Be Blessed,

Minister Kim

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