• TC Brown

Breathe…. I Choose Me!

Yup! I said it, unselfishly! I Choose Me! I intend to live my best life with no more regrets! Yes! Your mental health strategies is encouraging you to live! To free yourself from anything or anyone that is toxic! That limits your ability to breathe!

First step is to assess who you are and what you would like to see. Every mirror you look into is not clean! Wiping it down with a windex or using any other household disinfectant will only give you an illusion. The real work is accepting what's before you and determining if it's something you want to continue engaging with!

When I took my very first look and seen the reflection in the mirror. I saw someone who was sad, frustrated and tired! I was showing up for everyone else but ME! I somehow got lost in the day to day routine!! I screamed into that mirror and told myself..You are suffocating when you should be breathing!!!

This month, I challenge you to look into your own mirror! See the truth and accept what you like and change what you don't! You only get one life!!!

I Choose Me!

Kim Leslie-Underwood, MHC-LP, CASAC-2

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