On-Air Personalities


Kim Leslie-Underwood,MHC-LP, CASAC-2

Founder & CEO

The Morning Glory International  CDC Inc.


With 25 years of Behavioral Health experience, Kim best serves her clients and the world as a Mental Health Strategist. She helps her clients navigate through life by opening their Pandora Box, facilitating their journey by guiding them through life obstacles, challenges, and leading them to Live Now on Purpose.   

You can connect with Kim on Facebook @livenowonpurpose and the 1st Sunday of every month at 8 pm/EST, as she gives us strategies on how to live a  healthier and happy life on the Brownstone. 

Tracey Brown.PNG

Tracy C Brown

Founder & CEO 

The Startup Strategist & Project Saturday


An energetic and forward-thinking entrepreneur, Tracy Brown, is the founder and CEO of the Startup Strategist. She has created programs such as Project Saturday.  This program creates a space where her clients can develop a strategy for their business (nonprofit or forprofit) to propel it to the next level. 

She is best known as a Transformational Leader with over 25 years of experience.  She helps her client and organization identify needed changes by creating a visual road map that takes them on a spiritual and personal development journey.  You will always find Tracy's working one on one with her clients or in a small group.    


Her passion for people has led her to expound into the community where she shares personal and business knowledge to spearhead community outreach projects, which allows others to share their gifts, talents, and stories.  


Get to know Tracy B on Sundays at 8 pm/EST on the Brownstone as she provides her audience with content that is empowering, inspiring, and life-changing.  


La Tonia Rush

Founder & CEO

LMR Enterprises LLC

Meet La Tonia Rush. Author, Mentor, Speaker/Facilitator, Successful  Business, and Life Coach. She is fueled by her passion and zeal for life and the things she has overcome to help bring clarity and direction. Refusing to ignore her charge, La Tonia mentors individuals both professionally and personally to get past the bumps in the road and embrace the path ahead. She is a “Quarterback for Life,” helping others to reach and set goals.

La Tonia shares with us the secrets to opening locked doors while teaching us why and how to be "My Authentic Self" join her on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 8 pm/EST on the Brownstone. 


WB Brown Photo 16.jpg

WB Brown II

Founder & CEO 

Tilt Entertainment 


While also working as a Police Officer/Detective, with the Metropolitan Police Department, in Washington, DC. WB Brown II caught the attention of Radio One's CEO, Cathy Hughes, who would offer him a position at her DC and Maryland stations as Promotion/Program Director. 

WB Brown II remains an entertainment fixture since his days of radio. He started working as the gospel music director for Washington Sunday Best, a Gospel Radio Show, aired every Sunday on WHUR 96.3 FM, with the "Dean of Gospel Radio," the late Patrick Ellis.  


WB continues to train in and pursue his acting career, but music is in his soul.  You can catch him on WBAD.323  or 8 PM/EST on the  3rd Sunday of each month, co-hosting "Love, Marriage & All in Between" at the Brownstone.


Lamar Burrell

Founder & CEO

Vision2Destiny Ent. 


Lamar Burrell, CEO of Vision2Destiny Ent, is a young entrepreneur who has a passion for the music industry and develops artists to pursue their music career. Lamar has been privileged to be in the music business since 2012. He has worked with many talented artists in the music industry, such as the manager and CEO of lox entertainment Kelvin Leach, Darnell Edmonds, etc. this is the origin of my humble beginning.  I now want to expand, grow, and share an amazing platform that includes a radio show that allows artists to have a voice.  I am "Pursuing my Destiny with Clear Vision."