Praying Mom's 
      Prayer & Bible Study                
Every Monday
8:30 pm/ EST or 7:30 pm/CST
   (646)558-8656 |  Code: 662440
We decree and declare that God Almighty will infuse into your spirit a new sense of hope and that in your spirit there will be the assurance that all of His promises made unto you and your loved ones will come to the past! For surely as God is alive there is an expected end for your loved ones, to bring them into a life of abundance with unspeakable joy! In Jesus' name Amen. 
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Breakfast4YourSoul was established in 2009 as a vessel to connect with family members out of state. This created an opportunity for God's word to be spread in other countries.


Today we have over 650 members joining us each week in receiving a Word from the Lord to ignite their day! We encourage you to join us to have your encounter with the Lord.


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 Empowering Woman

Celebrating Strength, Courage & Possibilities 


The purpose of Empowering Woman provides biblical teaching is to provide create an environment where women are empowered to embrace life, ignite their power, and passion within and serve their community.



Our mission to celebrate strength, courage, and possibilities.


We envision a society in which women from all walks of life are nurtured and encouraged to reach their fullest potential.

Sisters of Literature

Spend more time reading and less time trying to figure out what to read. Join us as we collaborate in identifying various books that fulfill one's passion for exploring the many authors and genres known today.


Each month comes to a new adventure with an original author. Pop-ups discussion, gifts, surprises, and possibly a celebrity guest or two take a moment to click and join Sisters of Literature.

Orange Watercolor Engagement Invitation.