Spiritual Wellness

21 -Day of Seeking God

January 3- 23, 2021


You are influential, kind and fierce. We are victorious, bold, and beautiful . What would happen if you  truly believed these things about yourself? What would the world look like if we knew our worth and value, if we knew that it wasn’t defined by our outer appearance  but by the depths of how we are created. If you desire to walk in confidence this year.


Join us as we go on a 21-day fast. 


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A 90-Day Journey of Becoming Whole

February 6th - May 22,  2021 

 8am - 9:30am | EST!


I invite you to partake in my series “Becoming Whole.” In these classes you will learn, understand and put into practice the meaning of becoming whole! Become that person you enjoy. You will be able to be honest with self and others! Space is limited,


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Time Out- I’m Taking A Break

April 2, 2021

@ 7:30pm-9pm/EST


Feel like you need a break from your daily routine but feel guilty? A study from Glassdoor found that the average American employee  took off half the vacation time they were entitled to and about 15 percent of employees used none of their vacation time.This one day seminar is designed for you? Learn key reasons why you should request a day off.


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